The Company


Öpçin Mobilya, a company both producing home furniture,creates projects and doesundertaking works for houses and hotels, has re-entered the furniture sector with its corporate name Bienal in 2013 with its 22 year experience, foresight and uncompromising understanding of quality. It started a fast branding period with its distinction in design, diversity of the material used, and quality of workmanship to meet with the demand of different products in the market. It has a mission to offer an aesthetic and good taste above standards with its novel and functional design forms. Its principle is to become chic, useful, high-quality and unique.

Bienal, taking over the responsibility on projects and collective undertaking of special concept products for houses and tourism facilities, proves quality projects not only in Turkey but in international markets such as Dubai and Azerbaijan. While developing strategies on export; it has ongoing global missions with its agencies in Dubai, Qatar, Kazakhstan and Abu Dhabi, sales office in United States and the sales office and factory it partnered in China.

The company producing with its high technology and high quality sense in its 22.000 m2 Alanya, Serik and Aksu factories, is planning to launch its fourth plant of 35.000 m2 by the end of 2015 and with that having a total of 57.000 m2 of indoor production. It has the capacity to produce 600 sofa sets with its production team of 200.

The most principle privilege of Bienal is that it can easily actualize the innovative designs it developed with infinite flexibility of the integrated band systems on materials used. Thus by combining its ability to produce original products with its creative design team, sells the products it produced in its own factories through its own agencies and own teams. Especially investing on export, it raises its target of becoming a global brand by creating the Turkish furniture perception. As a result it controls the R&D and quality control steps firmly and separate itself from counterparts via the collections involving innovative product groups.

“Creating a sense of tailor-made design” is Bienal’s one of the most basic principals at the idea stage. As a result it runs in the form of an idea factory and can create product collections for almost every one to like with its designers with different styles. Seeing its every product as a decoration piece by itself, claims to offer “Bienal design language together with Bienal life quality”.



Who We Are
Bienal Contract is a worldwide custom interior contractor and a member of Opcin Group. With a combined experience of more than two decades, a dynamic flat type organization structure, and a production line equipped with advanced technology and skilled craftsmen we ensure top quality and a cost effective production. Our ability to collaborate and have practical solutions with both our clients and designers allows us to fulfill our clients needs differing us from our counterparts.

What We Do
We do custom interiors for hotels, residential, retail stores, convention centers, airports, offices, universities and schools. Our main philosophy is to create functional, cost-effective, high quality and authentic spaces for our clients. We do turnkey interior projects all over the world. We offer solutions.
Bienal has a capability to serve the four corners of the world with its skilled craftsmen and experienced design team. Our headquarters are located in Antalya, Turkey with representative offices in USA, China, Russia, Morocco and Kazakhstan. All furniture, joinery, lighting, marble, metal and fabric production are done in Turkey. We also have our production line in China for outdoor furniture. In this way, we can control our quality and cost control.
In 2014, Bienal reached approximately 300 staff including, architects, engineers, designers, technicians, administrative staff and factory workers. We have our signature under many projects done in Turkey, Kazakhstan, UAE, Russia, Germany and Azerbaijan. We serve all over the world.