We produce for The World

Founded in 1993, our company has grown over the years, gaining and using new experiences and design concepts within the field of interior architecture and the construction industry.

This has enabled us to strengthen our foresight and helped us to produce fit-out solutions without compromising quality standards.

Global Growth

With our facility located in Antalya, Turkey, we work together with local areas as well as projects found all over the globe to expand our services. This has allowed us to gain better insights of different regions and countries.


With a presence on a national scale, it’s safe to say that BIENAL is a powerful and leading corporation in the cabinetry world.


Our manufacturing facility has a production and storage capacity of 36.000 metre squares, making us one of the largest factories within this sector that is built in Turkey, marking our ambitious goals.


Our production teams use innovative systems and imagine the creative designs they develop with their infinite flexibility in materials.
With the experiences of our project managers, quality control specialists, architects, industrial engineers, trained headworkers, work and saftey regulators and a properly organized management system, we are able to form a well-coordinated collaboration in order to perfect our services.


Our greatest goal is to produce unique products at reasonable prices within the time given for delivery, protecting natural resources and the environment in all its processes, using energy efficiently, working on exportation strategies, collectively researching international markets, using talented workforce, understanding architectural concepts, working with well-known brands, following the latest developments in technology and continuing our business in healthy, safe and ergonomic environments.



We have made it our ideal to provide the best service that maintains aesthetic, sustainable designs and high quality that goes beyond the standards just like the value we give to our customers.

With the meticulous inspections made by our quality control teams, the production process is followed from material procurement till packaging and loading.


We are deeply committed to our four core values that inspire who we truly are at BIENAL.


We believe that quality should never be compromised. At BIENAL, we recognize that design is so much more than just the appearance alone. That is why we diligently focus on quality sourcing all components that make up our superior cabinets. At BIENAL, everything is tested – we leave nothing to chance.


By acknowledging that the success of our company relies on the performance of our dealers, we are committed to providing them with all the means necessary to facilitate a seamless and successful sale. With a profound dedication to cultivating solid relationships, our network is built on respect and mutual appreciation.


By evolving and expanding our product lines, we constantly adapt to the changing tastes of consumers. At BIENAL, we are committed to adopting cutting-edge technologies to further our internal operations and set industry standards. We believe in delivering intelligently engineered solutions to enhance the customers’ overall experience.


We value our ambitious and skilled community and recognize its crucial contributions to our nationwide success. By promoting a work-life balance through enjoyable perks and activities, we pride ourselves on being a company that nurtures the feeling of one large extended family. Like any strong relationship, we are always here to offer support and guidance to both our employees and dealers. We believe that a teamwork-based culture will yield the best possible experiences for everyone.